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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Company News: NEO New Oncology AG launches liquid biopsy test “NEOliquid” for comprehensive cancer diagnostics from a single blood sample

NEO New Oncology AG announced today the commercial launch of “NEOliquid”, a non-invasive cancer diagnostics test. NEOliquid is uniquely able to detect all therapeutically relevant point mutations, small insertions and deletions, translocations and copy number changes from a single blood sample, offering a painless and low-risk alternative to a tissue biopsy. NEOliquid comprises 39 genes relevant for the treatment of solid tumors, offering the physician with a rational decision making guide to match their patient with the best targeted treatment. NEO New Oncology AG is the only European provider performing comprehensive routine molecular cancer diagnostics in both clinical tissue samples and blood.

NEOliquid identifies clinically relevant, cancer-specific point mutations, insertions, deletions and gene fusions in circulating cell-free DNA down to an allele frequency of 0.1%. In addition, NEOliquid is able to detect copy number alterations in tiny amounts of circulating tumor DNA.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Company News: Molecular Health Raises €25 Million in Private Financing

- Proceeds to further build commercial infrastructure and drive product adoption

Molecular Health, a leader in cloud-based healthcare decision support technology to enable evidence-based treatment decisions and improved outcomes, today announced that it has raised €25 million in private financing to expand commercial adoption of its healthcare decision engine. The round was led by current investor dievini, an investor in global life and health sciences companies. With the completion of this round of financing, Molecular Health has raised a total of approximately €100 million.